Holistic promotes social responsibility and solidarity economy


Infinite happiness expands when Goodwill, Social Responsibility and Humanity interact, then the Beneficial Effect multiplies many times more comprehensively and more effectively. This is achieved first with Good Intention and Desire, then comes the question in what Form, and finally for what Purpose.

Holistic.BG is established in Bulgaria with the vision of breaking the old frames, the current reality and the limited environment in order to formulate new approaches and modern trends. The project is part of Human know-how's portfolio, whose mission is to support the power of the human intellect, crafted with brilliance, style and infinite potential. Find out more.

One of its main aims is to bring together heterogeneous types of groups and individuals under its concept of giving, support and partnership.

Holistic also seeks to activate and motivate companies, organizations and people to get involved and support significant causes, good practices, talented people, social campaigns, ideas, creative projects, disabled groups, promoting business development of culture, science, sports, integration of innovative education, improved financial literacy and successful communication, practical conceptual strategies and other socially oriented value guidelines that increase added value.

All these activities deserve support from business, citizens, but not only.

Our goal is to jointly develop and encourage the solidarity economy, giving, helping and rebuilding social empathy.

We invite you to partner with us and support us in any way you can.

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